2022 Childfree Convention & The Value of Childfree Representation

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21 June 2022

Today’s guests are LeNora Faye and Cody Hetzel, two of the three co- founders of Childfree Convention. Jared Hansen is the other co-founder. All three are visible advocates for those who are childfree, through their individual public and private platforms, and their collective work as co-founder. They are creators of content, conversation and connection that brings childfree people together, while engaging meaningful conversations for change.

Today we will discuss the breadth of the Childfree Convention and the importance of Childfree Representation. We will also touch on the need for greater communication and collaboration among the larger community of people without children, that transcends label and differences, where we can honor our diverse journeys while finding our commonalities, for mutual advocacy and benefit.

Join is for a detailed conversation about the breadth and depth of the 2022 Virtual Childfree Convention! Learn who it is for, and how to attend and participate in ways that work best for you. There is no cost to attend and there will be various platforms through which to access content and sessions. You don’t want to miss this year’s event!

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Learn more about the 2022 Virtual Childfree Convention: https://childfreeconvention.com/


2022 Childfree Convention & The Value of Childfree Representation
21 June 2022


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