2022 World Childless Week: Community Visibility & Celebration

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5 July 2022

Today’s guest is Stephanie Joy Phillips, the founder of World Childless Week. Stephanie is childless not by choice (CNBC) and will share with us her motivation for launching World Childless Week, and the work that she does year-round in the same space.

Today we will discuss the focus of this year’s World Childless Week, which both acknowledges and share the stories of those who are childless, and delves into a variety of topics, which directly affect our lives.

We will also touch on the need for greater communication and collaboration among the larger community of people without children, which at times must transcend labels and differences, which so intimately define our experiences and diverse journeys. How do we find and honor our differences, while finding our commonalities, for mutual advocacy and benefit?

Join is for a detailed conversation about the intentions and topics of World Childless Week, to be held from 12-18 September 2022. Learn who it is for, and how to attend and participate in in a week that acknowledges and celebrate those who are childless. You don’t want to miss this year’s event!


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To learn more about World Childless Week: https://worldchildlessweek.net

2022 World Childless Week: Community Visibility & Celebration
5 July 2022


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