‘Abortion is on the Ballot: An Intergenerational Perspective’ Guests: Karen Mulhauser and Himaja Nagireddy

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1 November 2022
The Dobbs decision in the United States has created ripple effects of grave consequences for access to abortion, and beyond. What was is like before the Roe v. Wade decision, and what are the current realities? How do the expectations and experiences around access to abortion differ from generation to generation? State laws which prohibit access to abortion, impact all people who can get pregnant, and exponentially impact women. What can we truly say of the status of women in the US today? Joining us to discuss these issues is Karen Mulhauser, the first National Director for the National Abortion Rights Action (NARAL), in Washington, DC, and Himaja Nagireddy, who is the current UNA-USA Youth Observer to the UN. Please join us for this in-depth conversation and commit to ensuring your vote makes a difference on November 8th!

Himaja Nagireddy
Himaja Nagireddy, from Acton, MA, is this year’s UNA-USA Youth Observer to the UN. A proud daughter of South Indian immigrants, she currently serves as a health equity research fellow for the CDC and as an elected Select Board member for her town. She recently graduated with an MS in Environmental Epidemiology and a concentration in Infectious Disease Epidemiology from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Himaja is constantly inspired by her peers who collaboratively organize and lead changes to protect the human rights and dignity of people in their community, especially for those who disproportionately face injustices that are overlooked and disregarded. They bring the solutions we need to support and scale for achieving a more equal world for all. Recognizing this, Himaja strives to uplift and embolden the voices and actions of young people across our country.

Karen Mulhauser
Karen Mulhauser, President of Mulhauser and Associates has been consulting since ‘88. Before consulting she was the Director of Center for Education on Nuclear War, Citizens Against Nuclear War and the National Abortion Rights Action [NARAL]. She has been committed to voluntary service with a focus on gender equity and has served on over 35 nonprofit boards. She served 4 terms as President of the Antioch College Alumni Association, board chair of Planned Parenthood of Metro Washington, and started various voter engagement initiatives and coordinates Consulting Women, a community of over 1,000 DC-area self-employed women. She was Senior Advisor to Obama for America in ‘08 to coordinate Women for Obama. She graduated from Antioch College in 1965 with graduate study at Tufts Medical School and trained as a biochemist, worked at Boston Univ. and Albert Einstein College of Medicine before realizing she’d rather work with people than with rats. She taught high school science from ’67 – ‘70 and created a course on the social responsibility of scientists for students committed to careers in science & she initiated sex education programs. From ’70 – ‘73, she trained family planning professionals in federally funded programs in WA, OR, ID & AK. When she moved to DC in ’73 she opened the DC office of NARAL & then she was asked to be the CEO. She helped grow membership 20-fold, started chapters throughout the country, started the NARAL Foundation and political action committee.

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‘Abortion is on the Ballot: An Intergenerational Perspective’ Guests: Karen Mulhauser and Himaja Nagireddy
1 November 2022


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