Welcome to New Legacy Radio!

a live pilot series for our community

New Legacy Radio was launched as a 13-week live stream pilot series, on 22 February 2022. We cover topics of interest and focus on change for our community. We will engage greater social awareness & education around the issues that impact us, through guest interviews and focus panels.

Please visit us at newlegacyradio.live

New legacy radio (NLR) pilot series

NLI looks forward to our community’s support as listeners, guests and sponsors, as part of of this brand new series.

NLR episodes will be focused on people without children, and next practices necessary to shift the everyday inequities and lack of social awareness we experience in our personal and professional lives.

This series is also an acknowledgement and celebration of who we are, as a diverse and growing community.

  • Social Awareness
  • Policy Discussions
  • Demographic Education
  • DEIB in the Workplace
  • Our Narratives and the Media
  • Our Experiences Portrayed in Film & TV
  • Industry Specific Campaigns
  • Community Surveys
  • Stay tuned for more!

Ways you can support NLR

NLI looks forward to our community’s support through the many ways to become involved in this series and the Institute.

We invite you to become a listener, and to share your feedback and questions. We will also run a survey series through the pilot series to elevate our experiences and voices.

NLI also has ways to directly support the NLR series, through advertising opportunities, featuring community businesses and corporate advocates.

For additional information on how you can participate or contribute to this pilot series, please contact us. We welcome your participation, and are grateful for your support!

  • Become a listener
  • Share your feedback and questions
  • Participate in our survey series
  • Share episode + survey links with your community
  • Suggest featured guests and topics
  • Engage in advertising opportunities
  • Stay tuned for our series schedule & guests!