NLI Directories

Connecting our Community Enterprises and Resources

When the Institute opens its membership space, we will welcome our diverse community members to share their talents, products and services with us. The Community Business Directory is a space to recognize and support our members and the many talents and enterprises we represent. For further information, or to be notified when our membership launches, please email us at:

community Business Directory

Members will have the opportunity to be listed in our community directory. This is a way for us to recognize and support what we are creating and offering in the world. Working with our community owned businesses is a priority for NLI, whenever possible.

Our directory space is for artists, writers and other creative professionals, solo practitioners and entrepreneurs, educators, small businesses, organizations and corporations, across industries and disciplines. Prioritize your support for our community businesses today!

accredited Business Directory

 As part of NLI’s core learning curriculum, organizations will have the opportunity to experience an accreditation process as part of their DEI training, focused on those without children.

Accreditation allows us to share with our community those entities, which are part of a growing effort to intentionally recognize the unique experiences of those living without children. Accreditation is a commitment to and demonstration of measurable, impactful messaging, cultural change, and relevant policy implementation.

Global Resource Directory

NLI is building a global resource directory, with community and organizational input. There is a chasm in services specifically for, and equitable access to other services.

We want to recognize public  and private service providers who operate dedicated spaces or provide services, which specifically for our community.

While there are largely unmet needs, we will identify what is available and advocate to close the gap in meeting our needs.

*NLI reserves the right to not list any resource