Episode 13: What is Needed to Create a Culture of Belonging in the Workplace? Guest: Rhodes Perry

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17 May 2022

People without children, as a collective community, have yet to be recognized as a marginalized group, within the framework of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB). How do we begin to imagine the experience of truly belonging in the environments we work, and beyond?

What does it mean when organizations focus on only on specific aspects within the spectrum of DEIB frameworks? ‘Diversity’ and ‘Inclusion’ seems to be most often used as in naming such initiatives, leaving ‘Equity’ and “Belonging’ out of the equation, which is both curious and perhaps telling of organizational culture, from the start. ‘Belonging’ appears to be most often excluded from this framework. And if not for belonging and equity, what is the true underpinning of the DEIB framework?

Today’s guest is an expert on belonging in the workplace, and is nationally recognized as a diversity, equity, and inclusion thought leader. Rhodes Perry has written two incredible books on this topic, ‘Belonging at Work: Everyday Actions You Can Take to Cultivate an Inclusive Organization’ (2018), and ‘Imagine Belonging: Your Inclusive Leadership Guide to Building an Equitable Workplace’ (2022).

We will discuss what is key to creating a culture of belonging, and what this means for people without children. We will also examine the experience of social exclusion and the related individual and organizational impact of not choosing to create a culture of belonging, in the workplace.

Pilot Episode 13:

Transcript coming soon!

To learn more & order the ‘Imagine Belonging Book’ : https://imaginebelonging.com

The Imagine Belonging at Work Podcast: https://imaginebelongingatworkpodcast.com

Rhodes Perry Consulting, LLC: https://www.rhodesperry.com


Episode 13: What is Needed to Create a Culture of Belonging in the Workplace? Guest: Rhodes Perry
17 May 2022


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