Episode 4: ‘Building a Childfree + Childless Movement for Meaningful Change’ Guest: Laura Carroll

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15 March 2022

With more than two decades of activism, writing and wisdom, focused on the childfree choice, Laura Carroll will share insight around her journey, and the evolution of the childfree movement. She will also discuss her recently published longitudinal research, which followed 25 women over a decade, ’25 Over 10: A Childfree Longitudinal Study’.

In this episode, we will discuss the need to find ways to best bring together the childfree and childless communities, to build a shared movement for meaningful change. New Legacy Institute advocates for a collective “without children” movement, focused on the ways our experiences intersect, and identifying what impacts us most, as a collective community.

We will look at both the perceived and actual differences in our experiences, and how identifying terms often get in the way of recognizing the spectrum and continuum of our shared experiences. We will consider the ways we can choose to actively bridge our communities by reflecting on our common intentions to impact social change and to influence inclusive and equitable policy initiatives.

Join us for this in-depth conversation for change. Share your questions and comments before, during or after the show on any of our platforms, or email radio@newlegacyinstitute.com

Pilot Episode 4:

Access the transcript here.

For more information visit: https://lauracarroll.com/

Purchase ’25 Over 10: A Childfree Longitudinal Study’ here


Episode 4: ‘Building a Childfree + Childless Movement for Meaningful Change’ Guest: Laura Carroll
15 March 2022


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