NLI focus areas and services

community driven research and best practices

NLI’s areas of focus include Policy & Research, DEI Education & Marketing, Audit & Accreditation, and Media & Entertainment. We believe these keys areas of impact will support our vision of creating meaningful change in the every day lives of those without children. Our worked is designed for local, national and global businesses, institutions, universities, and communities, internationally. Our programs are also intended for the medical, legal, therapeutic, personal and professional development and human resources fields, among others.

Research & Policy

NLI’s research initiatives are focused on the priorities of our community, and address the invisibility, exclusion and marginalization of those without children in demographic data, work culture, media & entertainment spaces, education, healthcare, mental health, legal services and equitable access to public services.

Some of NLI’s key policy work includes employment policy & benefits, government policy, inequitable taxation, and unwritten social policy, such as lack of acceptance, weaponized language and familial exclusion.

  • Community Research
  • Research Campaigns
  • Demographic Inclusion
  • Policy Reviews
  • Policy Watch &Response
  • Policy Development


The Institute offers DEI education and assessments for leaders, organizations & teams seeking to address the often invisible and growing inequities and toxic pro-natalist culture impacting the lives of individuals & families without children. 

NLI also facilitates learning opportunities focused on the inclusion and visibility of those without children within healthcare systems and educational curriculum.

 NLI advocates for appropriate, inclusive marketing campaigns, which truly represent our community. We support practitioner and organizational learning and strategy through our consent-driven marketing™ courses and consultation.

  • Educational Campaigns
  • Child-free DEI Assessments
  • DEI Education Programs
  • HR and L&D Support
  • Marketing Reviews
  • Marketing Consultation


NLI conducts in-depth ​organizational culture, human resources policy and inclusive marketing audits for businesses and entities dedicated to improving the impact of language on individuals & families without children. ​​​

The Institute accredits globally, those organizations, businesses, practitioners, programs and employers who consciously and appropriately include those without children in equity dialogue, HR policy, and market representation.

  • Audit Consultation
  • Organizational Audits
  • Marketing & Policy Audits
  • Leadership Audits
  • Policy Audits
  • HR Implementation Support
  • Accreditation Program


NLI recognizes the symbolic annihilation of those without children.The absence of headlines, stories and conversations from those living without children render invisible the significant and varied narratives and every day experiences of millions of people globally.

Status quo language and images dismiss the everyday choices, circumstances and celebration of those without children, and their diverse contributions and impact in the world.

  • Media Campaigns
  • Media Reviews
  • Media Consultation
  • Film & TV Reviews
  • Narrative Development
  • Content Editing