Guiding values

Creating equitable and inclusive solutions for our community


NLI honors lived experiences. NLI engages and supports academic research, media, journalism and other means of ecological, social, cultural and political change that is informed by those with lived experience, and believes in resourcing and supporting knowing and original voices, to define their own needs and solutions. 

NLI is an inclusive and representative space. We challenge ourselves to understand and correct any and all inequities we may discover through purposeful responsibility, acknowledgement, learning and practice for meaningful connection and action.

We are an anti-racist organization. We commit to purposefully identify, discuss and challenge issues of race and the impact this construct, history and present realities have on our organization, its systems, and all who interact with us. 

We are a gender inclusive organization. We welcome everyone to this space, and celebrate the diverse ways individuals and families express themselves and live in this world.

We recognized and embrace all love and lifestyles. Our community includes LGBTQ+ individuals, groupss, and diverse family structures. Everyone is welcome.

Our community encompasses all disabilities, which may be physically evident or not. We will continue our development of inclusive and accessible spaces both online and within our organization, with our community, allies and the institutions we support through our purpose and work.

We embrace neurodiversity, all learning styles, needs, and ways of expressing oneself.

Our definition of family includes any and all relationship dynamics named as family, chosen by an individual, couple or group, and work to dismantle relational biases, from social and policy perspectives.

We not disparage parents or children in this space. We want to bridge our conversations and work toward equitable access, policy and benefits for us all.

NLI values the environment and recognizes the cultures of all species. We recognize the far reaching impact of pronatalism on the ecosystem and the need to manage human population growth.We reject population alarmism. We are also dedicated to minimizing our consumer waste + footprint in our shared ecology. In every day ways we commit to low graphic use in our documentation, and choose to utilize an eco-friendly hosting option, and always strive to do more.

NLI does not support perpetual growth models or ways of being. The impact of human supremacy, patriarchy and pronatalism have done grievous damage to the planet and the species with whom we co-habit, and to ourselves. We must acknowledge, confront and rectify this damage.