NLI Membership Opportunities

Member driven insight for change

When the Institute launches its membership space, we will welcome our diverse community members to be part of leading the in-depth change needed to shift toxic, pro-natalist environments, policies and language, to co-create spaces that truly reflect our community in visible and equitable ways. NLI members have the opportunity to shape the Institute’s research and educational programs to create meaningful impact for our entire community. 

*Membership is open only to those who did not have children, and non-parents (those who do not have children, and may still have children). NLI reserves the right to review all membership registrations, business listings and job listings, to ensure they align with the intended purpose of this space & NLI values. 

Community Membership

Individuals who are community members are at the heart of NLI’s work for change that best reflects and supports our needs, and represents us globally.

Our specialized research and shared outcomes will be based primarily on community member participation and feedback.

You will be eligible to participate in the Institute’s research initiatives, and offer feedback, shaping NLI’s impact. Your unique journey and valued insight is critical to our work for meaningful change.

Professional Membership

Professional membership is for individual members who are sole practitioners. Membership is open to professionals who both directly and indirectly serve our community.

As an artist, writer, creative professional, solopreneur, educator, or professional  services provider, or other professional, you will also have the opportunity to be part of our community business directory.

NLI invites you to play a vital role as an ally of the Institute, and  to implement community best practices in your work.

Business Membership

This membership is for non-profits, businesses, associations, community groups, and other like entities.

All entities should be founded by and operated primarily by those who do not have children. Membership is open to organizations and businesses that both directly and indirectly serve our community.

Your organization or business will be invited to participate in the Institute’s research initiatives. NLI welcomes you as an ally, who will consider community best practices in your workplace.