new legacy fund

funding our community change makers

The NL Fund’s purpose is to support leaders and change makers in our collective community, whose work and contributions directly impact us and the change we seek, by elevating the visibility of who we are, and challenging our unacknowledged realities for greater equity, access & inclusion.

New LEGacy Fund

The majority of initiatives, whether they are free events & services, member support communities, books, films, educational programs or other expressions representing those without children, remain unfunded, self-funded or underfunded.

In order to support existing and future initiatives, we have launched the New Legacy Fund to champion, give back to and support our change makers. Many of us are taking risks, in terms of our livelihoods and related careers, by becoming visible and vocal about our personal experiences, and in support of the acknowledgement, equitable treatment and inclusion of those without children.

Due to the conscious and unconscious biases toward and existing taboos about people without children, our professional offerings and initiatives representing our community, are often perceived as irrelevant, or less of a priority in the diverse and mainstream portals we otherwise seek and align with in our professional experiences. This is particularly true with respect to funding.


  • Films & Documentaries
  • Books
  • Educational Initiatives
  • Artist Initiatives
  • Campaigns
  • Training
  • Research 
  • Publications
  • And more!

Ways you can support the Fund

All initiatives will be vetted by the fund’s advisory group. Contributors can choose to either support the general fund for current and future initiatives, or select a specific individual, organization, program or project to support.

We invite you to engage in ways to acknowledge and fund, in whole or in part, our diverse community leaders and change makers in creating a more equitable experience for us all, in the ways our experiences intersect and impact our everyday lives, and the social and professional spaces we live, work and play.

For further information about submitting your project, program or initiative, to become a sponsor, contributor, or part of the fund’s support team, please contact us today!


  • Share your initiative, program or project for consideration
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  • Fully fund fund a project today!
  • Contribute at any level
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