‘Recognizing Dimensions of the Global Impact of Pronatalism’ Guest: Nandita Bajaj

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16 August 2022

We often discuss the personal aspects of pronatalism, both in the community of people without children and on this show. We also look at how we are impacted in our everyday environments, such as the workplace. What comes to mind when you consider the global impact of pronatalism?

In this episode, we will explore the greater dimensions of pronatalism, including social stigma, reproductive autonomy and responsibility, and ecological perspectives. We will also speak to population pressures and the importance of centering discourse around the impact of population.

To guide us in this conversation, we are excited to have Nandita Bajaj, the Executive Director of Population Balance with us today! Nandita brings a depth of knowledge, wisdom and compassion as an educator and leading voice on the realities and impact of pronatalism. Please join us to learn more!

Nandita Bajaj
Nandita Bajaj is the Executive Director of Population Balance that offers education and solutions to address the impacts of human overpopulation and overconsumption on the planet, people, and animals, where she also co-hosts The Overpopulation Podcast.

As faculty with the Institute for Humane Education at Antioch University, Nandita teaches two courses – Human Rights as well as Pronatalism and Overpopulation, which is the first graduate course that explores the impacts of pronatalism and anthropocentrism on reproductive, ecological, and intergenerational justice.

She has over 15 years of experience working in engineering, education, and non-profit management. She has Bachelor degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Education, and a Master degree in Humane Education.

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Learn more about Population Balance here.

‘Recognizing Dimensions of the Global Impact of Pronatalism’ Guest: Nandita Bajaj
16 August 2022


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