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Social justice for our community

At this time, New Legacy Institute is a self-funded, social justice platform, which advocates for the collective community of people without children.


New Legacy Institute (NLI) is the only policy institute and social justice advocacy platform, and is inclusive of the collective community of people without children, no matter how one’s journey or identity is expressed.

New Legacy Institute is not an externally or community funded organization. The cost of all initiatives and outreach to date have been self-funded by NLI’s Founder.

Via our communications platform, New Legacy Radio (NLR), we launched a a 13-episode pilot series, live podcast. NLI continues to finance and manage the production costs and all weekly show development and related support services, as NLR was renewed for a full year (52 episodes). New Legacy Radio is a space for our community to influence current and emerging social and policy matters.

NLR episodes remain available and re-aired on an ongoing basis. Therefore, sponsorship and advertising can be applied retroactively, with equivalent impact, as doing so for a live episode. Sponsors can also choose which episode to sponsor or advertise, based on a topic of interest or meaning to them.

NLI is currently designing tools, which will be free to access by our community, allies and supporters. We are developing our focus area hubs and research to provide impact and policy papers to reflect the needs of and solutions for our community.

This year, we will also publish policy alerts and define actionable change campaigns, while prioritizing existing and emerging issues. 


  • Administrative & Recurring Services
  • Legal Structure Implementation Costs
  • NLI Accessibility Resources & Implementation
  • Mighty Networks Platform Monthly US$150
  • Development of Free Access Community Tools
  • Specific Educational Campaigns
  • Focused Policy Change Campaigns
  • Focus Area Research Undertaken by NLI Hubs
  • Publication of Research Outcomes
  • Training and Materials Development
  • Membership Development
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Technical Support

NLI Operational Support Link (Stripe) 
NLI Operational Support Link (PayPal)


NLR Production Support Link (Stripe)
NLR Production Support Link (PayPal)