‘What Does Workplace Inclusion Mean for People Without Children?’ Guest: Dr. Erin Conner

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12 July 2022

People without children remain an unrecognized diversity group in the workplace and beyond. How do we begin to imagine the experience of truly inclusive organizational cultures and acknowledgement in the environments we work? What does employment equity for people without children look like?

Today we will speak with Dr. Erin Conner, Co-founder and Vice President of Inclusion Design Group, recognized as a leading DEI firm. We will have an in-depth conversation with Dr. Conner about the complexities of workplace dynamics, and how people without children are impacted. We will discuss what is key to creating a culture of inclusion, and how individuals and organizations can begin to take steps toward cultural and policy change today.

Please join is for a valuable and vital conversation for people without children, human resource professionals and all who work for diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace!

Dr. Erin Conner

Co-founder and Vice President, Dr. Erin Conner, has enjoyed the privilege of a diverse and fulfilling professional history, grounded in educational consulting, business development, and social activism.

Her academic background includes the completion of undergraduate and graduate work in both the biological and social sciences, culminating in a PhD in Education (Society and Culture) from the University of California, Berkeley and a post-doc in diversifying the STEM fields.

Her career ultimately led her to work in both the education and technology sectors. She developed programs and served as an instructor in higher education at the University of California, Berkeley and San Francisco State University.

She also has several years of experience working in business, providing consulting support to both local and national organizations with communications infrastructure, research and evaluation, fundraising, and business model development.

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Let’s begin the workplace conversation! New Legacy Institute_Introductory HR Tool

This is for community members, allies and all who advocate for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in the workplace!

*Special thanks to Dr. Conner for her support and guidance in creating this tool!

‘What Does Workplace Inclusion Mean for People Without Children?’ Guest: Dr. Erin Conner
12 July 2022


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