‘Why Does Dismantling Pronatalism Even Matter?’ Guest: Jody Day

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7 June 2022

Excluded from policy measures and absent in DEI frameworks, even where laws and policies are designed to prevent discrimination based on family status, pronatalism is so deeply engrained in our social, professional and systemic psyches, that its impact remains unacknowledged. As a result, non-parents remain invisible, while navigating daily and life-long experiences of exclusion and inequity.

From our own internalized patriarchal, pronatalist influences, to the ways we continue to cope and mitigate social and professional spaces that do not account for us, it can be challenging for people without children to express why the urgency to dismantle pronatalism matters.

How do we begin to unravel the embedded layers of cultural, structural and systemic norms that continue to re-enforce the social devaluation of approximately one quarter of the global population?

What is needed to acknowledge the population that is, rather than the one that is theorized, based on marriage and children, to create measurable predictability, as economic units?

Join us for a revealing, in-depth conversation with Jody Day. We will explore new perspectives around the question of why the deeply adverse impact of pronatalism matters and why the inclusion of non-parents remains a silent issue within the workplace & beyond.

‘Why Does Dismantling Pronatalism Even Matter?’

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‘Why Does Dismantling Pronatalism Even Matter?’ Guest: Jody Day
7 June 2022


  1. Samantha Hill

    Another fabulous recording, thanks for sharing. I heard about New Legacy Radio through being a member of Lighthouse Women.

    This article was shared recently about single workers in America, vs those with families – I thought it was really interesting and great to see this being discussed outside of the childless/childfree communities. It would be great to make more connections with organisations and publications who can help raise awareness of these issues: https://workforce.com/news/solo-workers-feeling-singled.

    Keep up the great work Christine!

    • New Legacy Institute

      Thank you for listening to New Legacy Radio, and for sharing this article!
      Your support and encouragement is greatly appreciated!


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