‘Why is Policy Engagement Essential for People Without Children?’

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24 January 2023

In today’s episode we will discuss the value of policy engagement for people without children, and why it matters for our community. We will look at the historical and current influences pronatalism has on social policy, workplace leave policies and benefits, and public policy.

We will also assess the ways in which pronatalist culture and policies impact the daily lives of people without children, and why we must organize for collective action now.

Joining us for this conversation will be New Legacy Advisors, Nandita Bajaj, Executive Director of Population Balance, Jody Day, who is an expert in female childlessness, and founder of Gateway Women; Dr. Robin Hadley, who is an expert and researcher on male childlessness, and Therese Shechter, who is a childfree filmmaker, and founder of Trixie Films!

Tune in to learn more about New Legacy Institute’s purpose in advocating for policy change, and creating a social justice platform for people without children. We will also share how our community and allies can become part of the change we envision for our community and beyond!

Listen to this episode:

Access the transcript here.

Learn more about Nadita Bajaj and Population Balance.

Learn more about Jody Day and Gateway Women.

Learn more about Dr. Robin Hadley.

Learn more about Therese Shechter and her film, ‘My So-Called Selfish Life.’



‘Why is Policy Engagement Essential for People Without Children?’
24 January 2023


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