New Legacy Institute

Our vision is to help create and experience a world in which people without children are recognized as a diverse, intersectional community, which is socially valued, treated equitably in the workplace, influences public policy, and is authentically represented in media and cultural narratives.


NLI has four primary areas of focus and services. Learn more here.


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About us

igniting collective action for meaningful change

Legacy Institute (NLI) works with communities, institutions and organizations, which directly and indirectly contribute to the social, structural and systemic biases against those without children,  for accountability, education and actionable change around pronatalist cultures.

NLI honors all experiences, circumstances and choices around not having children. Based on our specific experience, we may align with a particular identity within our larger community. For the sake of change, which impacts us collectively, NLI is an umbrella organization, which is inclusive of all who do not have children. We believe we can accomplish more together, through what ultimately connects us.

We know that data drives decision making and social change. Insight from our diverse experiences can impact policy, education and next practices, which benefit us all.

The Institute’s work focuses on four key areas:

Public Policy Analysis

Workplace Culture & Policy

Community Research & Campaigns

Media & Entertainment Narratives

Our priorities and practices are driven by our individual and organizational/business members, and the outcome of our research efforts, within our community and organizations. We welcome your feedback, ideas and participation, and thank you for choosing to be part of the change we envision for our collective community.

Did you know?

demographics for people without children 

Approximately 1+ in 5 women and 1 in 4 men between to ages of 40-50 do not have a child (US)

Of the 20%+ of women without children, 80% are childless by circumstance (CXC)

Of the 20%+ of women without children, 10% are child free by choice, and 10% do not have children due to infertility

1 in 8 couples (6.7 million in the US alone) are affected by infertility, and an estimated 5% of couples globally (48.5 million couples)

One third of all pregnancies end in miscarriage before there is an awareness of the pregnancy

Approximately 10-20% of those who know they are pregnant will experience a miscarriage

OUr Community

 Igniting meaningful Change

New Legacy Institute (NLI)

NLI is leading social justice advocacy for equitable and consciously inclusive action and environments, for people without children. We are focused on change in the key areas of organizational culture & employment policies, access to public benefits & social services, all forms of media representation, inclusive marketing, social equity and government policies.

NLI is committed to addressing the political economy of pronatalism and the social marginalization and misunderstanding of those without children, through social, organizational, and policy centered change initiatives.

Practitioners, Businesses and Institutions

Individuals and entities across industries, academic disciplines, and fields of practice have the opportunity to join us in changing the status quo projections, exclusion, and misunderstanding of people living without children, through the Institute’s education and accreditation programs.

Your participation expresses an intention for impactful, committed action, for the equitable inclusion, acceptance and support of employees, patients, clients, and colleagues, among others, who do not have children.

Our Diverse Community

We comprises millions of people on this journey, living without children. NLI honors our vast and deeply personal experiences, circumstances and choices around this.

Together we will create greater visibility for our community, find new ways to express and share our narratives and create responsive solutions that support and elevate our personal and professional experiences.